Best Electronic Die Cut Machine For Schools (3 Picks)

Die cutting machines have come a long way. The demand for die cutting machines for schools and home has increased dramatically over the last few months. We know that a school would need a machine to work constantly for the bulk work that is needed in schools. Also, in today’s age, to save time, you need electronic devices so that you can save time. Keeping all this in mind, we came up with 3 candidates for the best electronic die cut machine for schools.

By carefully studying and analyzing different machines, we have come up with this article. We have tried to break the machines down into as much detail as we can so you can select the best machine according to your taste.

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Top 3 – Best Electronic Die Cut Machine For Schools

Our 3 candidates for the best electronic die cut machine for schools are following:

  • Silhouette Portrait 2
  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Explore Air 2
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Silhouette Portrait 2

Silhouette Portrait 2 is a very practical device. It comes with 50 exclusive digital designs. It can be plugged to your Mac or your PC using a USB cable. IT can be used to cut fabric, vinyl, paper, cardstock, etc. It can cut up to 8 inches wide and 10 feet long. This machine offers AutoBlade with which it can automatically set its settings on cutting of a specific material. This point gives this machine a big plus over others who don’t have the AutoBlade feature.

This machine also offers Bluetooth technology (Only in the US, Canada and EU). This machine is PixScan compatible and can also cut through printed materials. This machine is compatible with deep-cut blade as it has a higher 2mm clearance.

  • 50 exclusive digital designs
  • PC & Mac compatible software included
  • Bluetooth available
  • AutoBlade available
  • Compatible with deep-cut blade
  • Can work without internet
  • Powerful motor
  • Portable
User Impressions:

The machine is very well rated. People love using it. Mostly confusion arises when people haven’t read the instructions properly. So, read the manual properly and then set up your machine and use it. It will go a long way for sure. This machine has a great built and can work constantly for a significant amount of time. This feature makes it a great candidate for the best electronic die cut machine for schools. Check the latest price on Silhouette Portrait 2

Cricut Maker (Our Choice)

Cricut Maker also provides you an opportunity to try out making different items like iron ons, paper crafts, sewing projects, leather crafts, etc. It consists of a number of tools that might help you which include pens, scoring tool, powerful blades and more. The machine comes with a rotary blade which helps you cut through material smoothly without any hindrance due to its rolling and gliding action. This blade can cut virtually through any fabric with ease quickly and accurately. And it doesn’t back any material in the process as well.

This machine can be ideal for sewing and quilting projects too. You can choose from hundreds of sewing patterns and this machine can mark and cut the pieces and then you can easily sew them with your sewing machine. So, this is also a great advantage of this machine if you are also look for some sewing.

This machine also comes with simple design apps. You can easily lay out your project on a PC or a mobile device and easily operate even if you are a beginner or a pro. You can upload your own images and fonts and use them for free in a variety of file formats.

Last but not least, a docking slot designed for your smartphone or tablet helps in holding your device while you work. You can also charge the device through a USB port.

  • Great versatility
  • Simple design apps
  • Access to hundreds of digital sewing projects
  • New rotary blade for fabrics
  • Expandable suite of tools
  • Helpful docking slot
User Impressions:

Like the Silhouette Portrait 2, this machine is also ranked high among the users. The few issues found with this machine include that you have to use the Cricut Design Space in order for this machine to work. But still, you can import graphics from another software as well. Sometimes, adjusting the size and position of the designs in the app can be a problem but can be sorted through proper guidance. Nonetheless, it is a very handy machine. Check the latest price on Cricut Maker

Cricut Explore Air 2

This machine can cut easily over 100+ different types of materials. These may include cardstock, faux leather, poster board, specialty paper etc. It is a great machine for DIY projects like home décor, stickers, party favors, greeting cards, even custom designed apparel, and more.

This machine comes with a number of useful features which include a premium point blade and housing, a 12†x 12†mat which would be great for vinyl and htv projects, a black point pen, access to Cricut’s design software Design Space and a 2 week free trial to Cricut Access.

You can upload and create your own images for free through the software on your respective device. The Cricut’s vast library also provides you over 100,000 images to use for your projects.

  • Can cut over 100+ materials
  • Cricut 12†x12†LightGrip Adhesive Cutting Mat
  • Cricut Black Fine Point Pen
  • Cricut Premium Fine Point Blade and Housing
  • Access to Cricut’s design software Design Space
  • 2-week free trial to Cricut Access
User Impressions:

The only major problem this machine has is that you have to subscribe to the software after the 2 weeks of free trial. That is a big no for most if you are looking for a long-term machine especially if you don’t want to use the internet. But if you are willing to subscribe then this machine is an excellent choice. It has many features and is great for schools or homes alike. Check the latest price on Cricut Explore Air 2


Choosing a die cut machine can be very hectic with all the different kinds of machines and their different features. But we have to keep our needs in mind and choose the machine according to our need. So, we have selected the above-mentioned machines especially for schools keeping in mind their durability, speed, longevity and more.

We hope that you liked our recommendations on the best electronic die cut machine for schools and we wish that it may help you choosing the best one for your school.

If you have any queries then let us know.