How To Personalize Pencils With Cricut?

Personalize Pencils With Cricut- All You Need To Know

Using materials including paper, vinyl, card stock, and iron-on transfers, a Cricut is an electronic cutting device that can create all kinds of designs. Even leather and wood can be cut with some Cricut cutters!

Cricut is a craft cutting machine that cuts a variety of materials like vinyl, and paper and is used for personalized pencils, etc.

Tips for choosing a beginner-friendly Cricut project:

  • Choose one color design
  • Use design space image
  • Use design space font
  • Choose a blank with the smooth flat surface
  • Choose a simple design

How To Personalize Pencils With Cricut?

To construct a unique pencil, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Pencil made of cork
  • Cricut patterned iron-on machine
  • Weaving equipment such as an iron or easy press (optional)
  • Keep sharp-cut file
  • Paper made with parchment


To begin, download the file. The design says “keep sharp,” but you may use the software to create your own graphics and words.

Then, using a patterned iron-on, cut the words and cacti. Always mirror your design before cutting, and always cut with the patterned side down.

Then, pluck out any superfluous material from around the image as well as the letter centers. Weeding tools can help with this, although they are not required.

After that, place your design on the Pencil cork. To protect the cork from the heat, wrap the entire item with parchment paper.

To apply the pattern to the bag, run your iron or EasyPress over it. Start at 275 degrees for 20 seconds and gradually increase if the iron-on does not adhere well.

It’s very easy to use iron-on directly on unusual materials like a cork! Begin with a low temperature and gradually increase it if necessary. The iron-on will stick well and last a long time! It is ideal for school-related products like these.

Once the backing paper is removed, your personalized pencil is finished.


Making A Personalized Pencil Pouch Using A Cricut

Pencil boxes are a common item for kids in kindergarten. The kids would place their seats on the tables with the inexpensive plastic pencil, but for some reason, they frequently fell off the table and cracked.

Since cloth zipper totes tend to crack and are heavier to carry around without leaking their contents, you have resorted to pencil pouches. Create your own pencil pouch using Infusible Ink!

Supplies for a Cricut pencil pouch:

  • Explore Air 2, Cricut Maker, or Joy
  • Cosmetic Bag Blanks for Cricut
  • Your choice of indelible ink colors and designs
  • SimplePress 2
  • SimplePress 2 Mat

Using Design Space, start by making a design for your pencil case. The Infusible Ink can be cut with your Cricut machine.

Place the Infusible Ink on the mat with the right side up. Remove the plan. Using your EasyPress 2, transfer your design to the tote bag blank by following the Infusible Ink instructions in the Cricut Heat Guide or in this Infusible Ink post.

How to Make a Pencil Split Monogram Frame in Cricut Design Space from Start to Finish?

It’s incredibly simple to use your Cricut to personalize your kids’ back-to-school supplies! It’s a cheap way to mark all of their supplies and add some fun to them.

Following are the steps to make a pencil split monogram frame in the Cricut design space:

Step 1: Launch the Cricut design space.

Step 2: To make the pencil’s barrel, first draw three long rectangles.

Create a square first, then unlock the image aspect ratio. With the unlock option enabled, you can resize your square while maintaining the proportions.

Step 3: Check that our rectangles are appropriately aligned both vertically and horizontally.

To do so, choose your rectangles, then choose align center vertically and distribute horizontally from the top menu.

Step 4: Select all three forms and weld them together.

Step 5: Draw a triangle and duplicate it by clicking on the duplicate.

Step 6: Modify Weld the two triangles together by overlapping them (making sure they are aligned at the bottom).

Step 7: While holding Shift, rotate the newly produced object so that the pointy sides are facing downwards. Place the shape on top of the rectangles and ensure that:

  1. It has the same width as the welded rectangles. If not, adjust the width to match the welded rectangles.
  2. Choose both shapes (welded triangles and welded rectangles) and center them horizontally and vertically (you can find these adjustments under the align drop-down menu).

Related Questions

Can you use a Cricut to engrave pencils?

Because the Maker is the only machine that uses the Adaptive Tool System and can deliver the required amount of pressure to engrave, the Cricut Engraving Tip can only be used with the Maker. Any member of the Explore series of cutters or the Cricut Joy will NOT accept the engraving tip.

Can Cricut cut cardboard?

Flat cardboard is the kind that may be cut with the Cricut the simplest. Many food containers, such as cereal boxes, are made out of this particular sort of cardboard. Cardboard that is flat and sturdy but not very thick works well with the Cricut machine.


School supplies may be expensive, and kids aren’t always the best at keeping up with them! Make unique supplies with your Cricut to save money on replenishing pens and pencils or purchasing monogrammed bags and supplies.




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