How To Restick A Cricut Mat With Tacky Glue

As we all know, the surface which the Cricut uses to cut all your products is known as a “Cricut Mat.” Cricut mats are sticky, and the securer grip is determined by how sticky they are.

You can cut heavy materials, like chipboard or thick card stock with a stronger grasp, and thin or lightweight materials, like normal paper and vinyl with a softer grip.

Mats are flexible. It is a property that is helpful because you can bend them to remove projects that otherwise would be difficult to remove.

How To Restick A Cricut Mat With Tacky Glue

How To Restick A Cricut Mat With Tacky Glue

To make your cricut mat restick with tacky glue, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Cleaning the cricut mat
    • With soap water
    • With baby wipes
    • With lint roller
    • The DIY method
  • Resticking cricut mat as described

Cricut mats are sticky by nature and lose their sticking property when we use them carelessly for a long time and don’t clean them. If you are wondering whether you can make it sticky again or not, I assure you that with these proper steps you can make your Cricut mat sticky again.

â—      Cleaning The Cricut Mat

If you want to make the mat sticky again, the first step is to clean the mat to remove all the dirt and impurities which make it non-sticky. You do not need any special cleaning supplies to clean the mat.

We may find many of them in most cleaning closets and houses. Cleaning your cutting mat is the first step towards repairing it. It’s possible that cleaning is all you need to do.

After cleaning your cutting mat, it might become sticky again. So, try these solutions first.

You can clean your mat in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Scrub it using a scrubby or a magic eraser in soapy water. After it, let the mat air dry.
  • Use baby wipes that are devoid of alcohol and bleach.
  • Use lint rollers or scotch tape.
  • Using an adhesive remover such as Goo Gone is a good option.

Let’s have a look at these various approaches.

Cleaning With Soap Water

This is the first option you should use because it is the most affordable and straightforward. Cricut also recommends this way of cleaning. This procedure may not even require the use of soap.

  1. Remove big particles, if any, using tweezers. Scraping is discouraged by Cricut because it may bury the trash in your mat, thus making it more difficult to remove.
  2. Submerge the carpet in lukewarm water. Alternatively, you may put the water into a neighbouring dish.
  3. Scrub the mat gently in a circular motion using a hard-bristled plastic brush. You can just use your hands if you want to be extra cautious.
  4. Remove any debris and pat dry with a paper towel.
  5. Let it air dry for some time.

Cleaning With Baby Wipes

Another simple and common approach for cleaning your Cricut mat is to use baby wipes. Many crafters suggest Dawn dish soap, amazing cleaner or only cleaning with baby wipes.

Scrubbing with baby wipes appears to be the most effective and convenient method.

Using A Lint Roller

Another way for cleaning your mat is to use a sticky lint roller. If you have a lot of loose debris to remove, especially if you have cutting clothes or felts, this procedure may be quite useful.

Cleaning your Cricut fabric mat this way may be the most effective.

DIY Cleaning Method

Some folks even claim to utilise “homemade Goo Gone.” The following is how you make your very own Goo:

  1. In a small resealable container, make a paste with two teaspoons vegetable oil and three teaspoons baking soda.
  2. Apply the paste on the mat using a spoon or a knife.
  3. Rub the paste into the mat gently, and then wash it off.
  4. This process is significantly more environmentally friendly because there is no chemical involved, and it smells nicer than other pro methods.

â—      Resticking Cricut Mat

It’s critical to tape around all the corners of your Cricut or Silhouette cutting mat before you reinstall it. This is to avoid any glue from going onto the edges and interfering with the rollers of your machine.

Use a spray adhesive or a glue stick once you tape the mat’s edges. Begin with a single coat. Apply another application if the mat isn’t sticky enough after drying.

Can you Restick Your Cricut Mat With Tacky Glue?

Yes, resticking your Cricut mat with tacky glue is supposed to be the easiest and cheapest method to make your mat sticky again.

After a whole lot of web researching, I found the following three types of glue that people found useful when they tried to restick their Cricut mat.

1.    Gorilla Spray Adhesive:

User Impression: Gorilla spray is an excellent choice if you want something to stick and stick well.

2.    Krylon Easy Tack:

User Impression: I use this for my Cricut machine. Whenever my mat gets a bit non-sticky, I spray a coat and let it dry for a bit. It works great.

3.    Zigs Two Way Glue:

User Impression: Using this made the original mat stickiness come back and lasts for a good number of uses before I have to apply it again.

It’s essential to allow the glue to dry first. If you don’t do so before applying the material to your cutting mat, it may become stuck.

After the glue has dried, use some material to test the stickiness on a tiny section of the cutting mat. If the cutting mat is excessively sticky, pat it with your hands or a t-shirt to make it less sticky.

Can You Restick Your Cricut Mat With Spray Adhesive?

How To Restick A Cricut Mat With Tacky Glue

Using spray adhesive is also a very commonly used method to restore the stickiness in the Cricut mat. For this method, you just need a spray adhesive and spray it on the layer you want to make sticky.

After some time, spray it again over the previously sprayed layer. Don’t overuse the spray adhesive so that you won’t make the mat sticky.

Allow the mat to air dry after spraying or using a glue stick. Remove the tape once the mat has dried, and your mat should be as good as new.

To make sure your mat is as sticky as you want it to be, try a tiny corner of it. You may use a t-shirt to soften gently the adhesive if the mat is overly sticky.

These methods should help extend the life of your mats significantly. Cleaning your mats instead of buying new ones will save you money and from frustration.

Final Verdict

You can make your non-sticky Cricut mat sticky again by following the above instructions carefully, and you can save the time and money you spend on buying a new one. Good luck!