Cleaning Up Jagged Edges in Cricut Design Space

You might have observed that occasionally the images are not clean when you try to upload them to Cricut Design Space. The lines are splotchy and jagged. Or occasionally, something that you don’t want to be in the photograph.

Numerous times when submitted an image, the result was sloppy.  The project would not be cut properly because the lines were not clear and precise.

How to Clean Up Jagged Edges in Cricut Design Space?

A digital design tool is called Cricut Design Space. The majority of individuals set up projects using a Cricut machine using it. A selection of capabilities is offered by this design tool for adding to and changing projects.

Clean up any images you’ve added to Cricut Design Space. Learn how to clean up your uploaded images in Cricut Design Space so they cut exactly how you desire.

  • You frequently come across images that you would like to use in a Cricut project but are “messy.” Perhaps it contains items we don’t want to utilize or text we wish to change.
  • This is not an issue. After uploading your image to Cricut Design Space and selecting the image type (Simple, Moderately Complex, or Complex), proceed to the “clean up” tab.
  • The page will allow you to “Clean Up” your image. The “Select & Erase” tool is the default tool that appears when you first arrive here.
  • One-click on the backdrop will remove it. So simple.
  • Now, click the remaining areas where you wish the background removed, such as inside letters or photos.
  • The “Erase” tool comes next. This works similarly to a pencil eraser. You’ll notice a slider that allows you to adjust the size of the eraser. It’s fantastic!
  • The “Crop” tool is the final one. It may crop the image, allowing you to remove unwanted sections of the image. Even if the image is in the center of a larger one. Simply position your cursor where you want the crop to begin and drag it to where you want it to end.
  • The “Preview” button is the final tool. This is quite useful because it indicates where you may need to touch up.
  • After you’ve cleaned up your image, click Preview to see all of the errors. Simply click it again, and you’ll be back where you started cleaning. So straightforward!

Cricut Design Space Clean-Up Images

Here is a quick and simple method to fix splotchy photos that are uploaded to Cricut Design Space.

  1. In Cricut Design Space, upload your image and choose the complex image type. Click Continue after that.
  2. Click “Advanced Options” before you begin cleaning the image. Put the Color Tolerance at 150 and the Reduced Colors at 2.
  3. You should now tidy up the background. To remove the background, choose the wand. Anything else that you don’t want in the cut can be removed using the eraser. Then, click next.
  4. You’ll see that the image on the right is now smooth and free of jagged edges. The image will be uploaded to Cricut Design Space after you select “Save As Cut Image” and click Save.

Suggestions to Ensure a Perfect Cut

  • Always test cut before beginning so you may learn as soon as possible
  • If you’re using cardstock covered in loose glitter, flip the paper over and mirror your image. This prevents the glitter from adhering to the blade and housing during cutting.
  • Make sure the image is actually set to cut rather than print or write.
  • Before you can really select an on-screen choice, the dial must be set to Custom if you want to use a custom setting.
  • Certain cardstock has a textured side; in some cases, using the smooth side instead is helpful.
  • If you are using vinyl, attempt reverse weeding to make it simpler to transfer the thin letters or smaller script words if you are successful in getting them to cut correctly.

Contact Cricut support if you have tried everything listed above and your cutting problem is still not fixed.

How to Use The Cricut Background Remover and Restore Tool?

On your desktop version of Cricut Design Space, Background Remover appears during the Image Upload procedure.

Your raster images or photographs have their backgrounds removed. In contrast to vector-based images, raster images are based on pixels. Raster-based file formats include those with the .png, .jpg, .bmp, and .gif extensions for images.

How does Cricut Background Remover function?

In order to remove the background from an image, background removers typically utilize an algorithm or artificial intelligence (AI) to locate the image’s main focal point and clip it out.

A portion of your image becomes transparent when you remove it. In many graphic design applications, a checkered pattern is a common approach to denote transparency.

If you want to make a photo into a print and then cut the image but only want a portion of the image, removing the background is wonderful. Instead of utilizing a crop, which only removes shapes, a backdrop remover will eliminate the entire focal image, including any jagged edges.

Related Questions

Why is the cutting on my Cricut jagged?

Try cutting a different material—like copy paper—at the settings recommended for that material. It can be an issue with the particular material you are attempting to cut. Use a fresh blade and mat. Both of these may result in cut problems.

How do you fix a Cricut’s jagged edges?

After cleaning up your image and selecting “Next†on an iPad or iPhone, select Smooth in the bottom right corner. When Smooth appears on top of it after you tap it on the bottom right, keep tapping that till you obtain the outcomes you want. And that is how to make Cricut Design Space’s edges more rounded.


Cricut design space is an efficient tool for cleaning up jagged images. Various options and capabilities of this tool will give you your desired cut of image.