Cleaning Up An Image For Cricut

To get rid of any extraneous objects or pixels, one method is to use a photo editor like Photoshop or Inkscape. Another method is to develop new shapes and patterns using a graphics editor like Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

Cricut is another option for cleaning a jagged-up image.

How To Clean Up An Image For Cricut?

In the Cricut design space, there are several approaches to cleaning up an image. The easiest one is given below:

Save your Image

There are several options for saving the photograph. The majority of crafters will right-click the image and select “save image as” or something similar. Another common save option is to screenshot the image and save it that way; however, be aware that this may result in some pixelation or blurriness.

When you save your image, create a new folder and call it something memorable. If you’re very organized, name the folder “images for designs” and then label each image individually. This eliminates the need to scroll through innumerable photographs. After you’ve saved it, you may begin uploading.


You’ve now saved your image and are ready to import it into Cricut Design Space. Open Cricut Design Space and select “new project,” then in the left-hand corner of the sidebar, press the “upload” button. From there, the following window will appear:

As a general rule, choose “complicated” from the various alternatives here. Even if the image is simple, it shortens the next step.

You can use the wand to remove pixels of a single color (for example, if you choose the white backdrop of a picture, the entire region that is white will disappear), the eraser to erase like a pencil on paper, and crop to chop parts of the image out.

You can also choose “advanced,” where you can adjust the filling and smoothness of the lines. You will need to experiment with this, but most of the time you can set the complexity to 100 and be fine without any spots, though this can sometimes make your image look wonky and still require some additional cleanup.

Once you’ve messed with the settings and cleaned it up a bit, click the “preview” option at the bottom of the screen. This will display you a silhouette of the image, which you can use as a reference to see what spots are still there or places that need to be cleaned up.

Save to Cricut Design Space

Following that, save your clean picture to Cricut Design Space or their “cloud.” this does not save it to your computer; Cricut does not have a feature that allows you to save your designs to your computer at this point.

After selecting “proceed” in the previous step, you will be presented with this box, which offers two options: “save as cut file” or “save as print then cut file.” These are two entirely distinct files!

Clean up your Image

The only thing left to do is clean it up. The Remove tool is located on the bottom left. Eliminate any blank area from your design. With the Remove tool, you can eliminate an entire color from your design. As a result, clicking on white will remove any connected white, and so forth.

How to Clean Cricut Machine and Accessories?

Cricut is a super-powerful tool that allows you to make hundreds of DIY products such as T-shirts, totes, and cards. Furthermore, you may produce homemade things out of a variety of materials such as paper, textiles, vinyl, and even wood and foil.

Because of the volume of projects and goods, you create, dust and microscopic particles can accumulate in your mats, Cricut machines, and cutting blades. As a result, cleaning is essential while crafting with a Cricut machine.

Cricut machines are not made of simple materials like mats. Because they have more pieces, cleaning will be more difficult than with mats. The number of pieces on the Cricut machine equals the number of parts to be cleaned.

Mats and Cricut machines may both collect dirt and debris. Because cleaning machinery is more difficult, we must use more auxiliary items to clean. Aside from baby wipes and tape, we’ll need a cleaning kit, canned air, and other supplies.

Before you begin cleaning a Cricut machine, remember to switch it off and then open all of the machine’s closed parts.

If you want to clean the machine, remove the storage tray. It is now time to use it. When you open the storage tray, try to wipe all of the visible surfaces. There are some locations where baby wipes will not remove the dust; instead, use a cleaning child to push the dust away. When you have done cleaning the inside of the machine, you must reset everything you have opened.

You now proceed to clean beneath the machine. Simply clean your Cricut blade with some mild wipes. It necessitates caution because the blade is fairly sharp and can injure you if you disregard it. You use baby wipes to remove dust from the blade’s surface, and if the dust and debris are sticky.

You then clean out the Cricut pen. You still have the same brush that you used to clean the clamps.

Clean the entire Cricut machine one more. For this phase, baby wipes are the finest option. The final step is to clean the machine’s exterior. Remember to clean the back of the Cricut machine before you finish cleaning.

Related Questions

How to remove background images from Cricut design space?

Once you know the trick, it’s really rather simple. It’s simple with Cricut Design Space. You can remove the background from submitted photographs ranging from very simple to highly detailed.

It simply depends on how much time you want to devote to it. The detailed images, on the other hand, will take much longer.

Can you Resize an Image or a Font Within The Cricut Design Space?

You can make your image any size you like.

  • The word “SIZE” will appear in the upper center of your screen.
  • Simply click on your image and then resize your item to the size you require.
  • If the lock symbol is turned on, Cricut will automatically resize your image for you.
  • You can disable this feature by clicking on the lock!


The Cricut is a computer-controlled cutting device that can be used to cut everything from leather and vinyl to paper and wood.

If any of your craft projects require cutting with any degree of accuracy and precision, there’s a good possibility that a Cricut machine may make your life much simpler and more productive… but only if you know how to operate it properly.