Original Watercolor and Print: what’s the difference.

how can i tell a print from an original watercolor, difference between painting and print

 A print is a replica of an original watercolor painting. We print it on a separate paper or canvas. It may have several copies. We make an original watercolor painting from watercolor on rough and textured surface watercolor paper. When we look at the painting from another angle, the uneven surface gets visible. How can … Read more

How To Fix Your Overworked Watercolor Paper

How to Fix Overworked Watercolor Paper

Overworking is a term that artists frequently use. People frequently fear that they have overdone a piece, and teachers caution against it. But what exactly is overworking, and should it be avoided? Especially when it comes to overworked watercolor paper, people usually go for working on a new paper rather than fixing the previous one, … Read more

Watercolor Pencils As Regular Colored Pencils; Everything You Need to Know!

Can You Use Watercolor Pencils As Regular Colored Pencils

Tired of those old methods of using regular colored pencils while creating a masterpiece? Feel like experimenting and trying something new? Have you tried using watercolor pencils instead of just regular colored pencils? Can you replace the old normal method with adapt to this? Let’s find out, Can You Use Watercolor Pencils As Regular Colored … Read more

Watercolor Over Acrylics: Should You Do It?

Can You Paint Watercolor Over Acrylics?

Nowadays, different and unique art techniques are being discovered. Artists try to find out new and unique ideas to make their painting more attractive and different from all the others. They are always in search of new painting methods and try to explore different techniques because it makes them happy and they increase their creativity. … Read more

Can You Watercolor On Cardstock?

Can You Watercolor On Cardstock?

Cardstock is also called Cover stock. It is thicker than regular paper but thinner than watercolor paper. Postcards, Scrapbooks, and Book covers are made with Cardstock. But the point of discussion here is;  Can You Watercolor On Cardstock? You can watercolor on Cardstock. But the paper should be thick, porous, durable, and super smooth. And … Read more

Can You Draw On Watercolor Paper? Find The Best For You!

Can You Draw On Watercolor Paper?

When painting with watercolors, one of the most important things to make sure is that you need the right surface. Watercolor needs a lot of water to make color washes. Water and most forms of paper don’t blend well. High-quality watercolor paper is specifically made for watercolors but can it be used for other materials … Read more

Can You Make Watercolor Paint From Acrylic?

Can You Make Watercolor Paint From Acrylic?

Working in watercolor is a lot of fun. It creates beautiful paint washes that are enjoyable to brush onto the paper. But watercolor can be a challenging medium to master. Because of its transparency, it is easy for an artist to lose track of it. Overworking is a major problem. Watercolor lightens as it dries, … Read more

Printing on Watercolor Paper: Best Paper, Ink & Easy Steps!

can you print on watercolor paper

We often use watercolor paper for painting. Sometimes we even use colored pencils on watercolor paper. While doing crafts work, the brain comes up with new experiments all the time. While painting on watercolor paper, a question usually appears. What else can you do with your watercolor paper instead of painting? Can you print on … Read more

Watercolor Pencils On Canvas: How To Get The Best Results?

can you use watercolor pencils on canvas

Painting is a passion for many people.  Painting is a unique technique and a good painting attracts a big audience towards it as people love to have beautiful paintings as decoration pieces in their homes or workplaces.  To make your painting look good and attractive, you have to use the correct techniques and proper tools … Read more