How to Fix Overworked Watercolor Paper

How To Fix Your Overworked Watercolor Paper

Overworking is a term that artists frequently use. People frequently fear that they have overdone a piece, and teachers caution against it. But what exactly is overworking, and should it be avoided? Especially when it comes to overworked watercolor paper, people usually go for working on a new paper rather than fixing the previous one, […]

Can You Use Watercolor Pencils As Regular Colored Pencils

Watercolor Pencils As Regular Colored Pencils; Everything You Need to Know!

Tired of those old methods of using regular colored pencils while creating a masterpiece? Feel like experimenting and trying something new? Have you tried using watercolor pencils instead of just regular colored pencils? Can you replace the old normal method with adapt to this? Let’s find out, Can You Use Watercolor Pencils As Regular Colored […]

Can You Paint Watercolor Over Acrylics?

Watercolor Over Acrylics: Should You Do It?

Nowadays, different and unique art techniques are being discovered. Artists try to find out new and unique ideas to make their painting more attractive and different from all the others. They are always in search of new painting methods and try to explore different techniques because it makes them happy and they increase their creativity. […]