5 Different Ways To Fix A Pen

How To Fix A Pen?

How To Fix A Pen? Inconsistent ink flow is one of the issues you could run into when using ballpoint pens. Remember that the ink is released by gravity in ballpoint pens therefore a straightforward fix would be to store your pen with the nib facing down. Additionally, the cartridge could become caught in air … Read more

How Does Ink Come Out Of Pens?

How Does Ink Come Out Of Pens?

How Does Ink Come Out Of Pens? Ballpoint pen ink is extremely thick and dries very quickly. It is thick enough to prevent spillage from the reservoir but thin enough to allow gravity to act on it. Because gravity is required to drag the ink onto the ball, a typical ballpoint pen cannot be used … Read more

How To Use Correction Pen?

How To Use Correction Pen?

How To Use Correction Pen? One of the most often used correction products in student stationery is the correction pen. On paper, they are mostly employed to hide errors. If you can’t use correction pen goods properly in your daily schooling, the following things will happen: No liquid discharge, excessive liquid discharge,  easy to cause … Read more

Charcoal Pencil Keeps Breaking

Charcoal Pencil Keeps breaking, How to Sharpen Charcoal Pencil Without Breaking?

Charcoal pencil is delicate and will easily break if too much pressure is applied. Traditional Charcoal pencils have just a little bit of charcoal and a little bit of the woods.To draw or sketch with charcoal, you need to control your hand and grip pressure. If we hold our sketch pencil near the tip, we … Read more

Best Electric Pencil Sharpeners for Classroom

INTRODUCTION Elementary schools have long been outfitted with those iconic manual pencil sharpeners, the ancient – looking, metallic numbers with bodies shaped like flat – edged eggs. They could be bolted to a wall, a desktop, a counter–anything that could withstand the pressure of a young hand cranking away on the handle. Electric sharpeners have … Read more