How to Keep Paint Brushes from Fraying / How to Fix a Frayed Brush? (Awesome Tips!)

How to keep paint brushes from fraying

Frayed paintbrushes are common. Brushes require proper care like any other art material to keep their shape and function. If you do not use your paint brushes with care, they will easily get frayed, lose their shape, and will no longer provide the same painting function as they did when they were soft and new. … Read more

What to Do When I Don’t Feel Motivated to Draw? (4 Useful Tips and How to Follow Them)

what to do when I don’t feel motivated to draw

Motivation is actually the desire of an individual to complete a task without giving up as; slow progress is still progress. At some point in life, all of us set goals and then we procrastinate; the actual main cause behind feeling demotivated is procrastination. If you feel demotivated then all you need to do is … Read more