Sewing Shears Vs Scissors: Which Is Best For You?

If you are interested in learning sewing and quilting or want to become a professional in it, the key to become a pro in it is to use the appropriate tools. There are many tools that you can use to make sewing easier and more fun to do. One of the most important tools is the cutter which is a must to have near you if you are about to work on fabric.

The most popular and commonly used cutters by sewing professionals or even beginners are sewing shears and scissors. Wondering what’s the difference between them as they look alike? I am here to make you get rid of the confusion.

Here we are to discuss the difference between them so you won’t be confused anymore about which one to choose for which purpose.

Sewing Shears Vs. Scissors

Before we dive right into the blog, let’s have a quick overview of the two instruments,

Sewing Shears Scissors
Smaller than 10″ 10″ or longer
Two rounded identical handles One rounded bow and elliptical bow
Used for multiple purposes Used for specific applications

What Is A Scissor?

A scissor is a shearing tool that has a pair of blades fastened from the middle and has two different holes opposite to the pair of blades that are made to hold the scissor with the hand.

The blades and the handles are fastened from the middle and when the handles are closed and opened, the blades cross each other relatively and cut the material.

It is found in every house to cut different objects such as paper fabric and other objects.

Pros And Cons Of Using Scissors


  • They give a clean finishing to the fabric as compared to those torn with the hand.
  • They are easy to use
  • They strengthen the hand muscles and keep them active.
  • They are easily available.
  • They are used to cut different types of materials.
  • They have different types depending upon what type of material you are about to cut.


  • Due to extreme sharpness, they can increase the risk of injury.

What Is A Sewing Shear?

A sewing shear is specifically designed to cut the fabric neatly and precisely. This is not a household scissor as when it is used for any other purpose it could get dull and may not work properly.

Pros And Cons Of Using Sewing Shears


  • The long blades make it ideal for cutting fabric
  • It leaves neat finishing to the fabric and prevents any kind of roughness in the fabric.
  • They have a stronger grip as compared to normal scissors.
  • Doesn’t get dull easily.


  • Due to its long length, it can tear more fabric than needed if not used properly.
  • It can only be used for fabrics.

What Is The Difference Between The Structure Of Sewing Shears And Scissors?

A normal scissor has a similar structure to the sewing shear but similarity doesn’t mean that they have the same structure.

The normal household scissor has handles with two holes to grip it with the hand. These holes are made to fit the fingers in it and are of equal size. You can hold it from wherever you feel comfortable and you can fit the finger you are comfortable with.


The sewing shears are specifically designed for fabric and have handles with two holes. The difference between these handles from the handles of scissors is that both these holes are different in size. One hole is smaller and the other is a bigger one. 

The smaller one can hold a single finger while the larger hole can fit more than one finger in it. Due to this, your grip on this shearing tool becomes stronger as compared to the normal scissor.

What Is The Difference Between The Sizes of Sewing Shears And Scissors?

The normal scissor and the sewing shear are both hand-operated cutting or shearing tools but they are different mainly because of different sizes.

The normal scissors have a pair of blades. The length of the blades is approximately up to six inches and the holes are also symmetrical. There are different types of scissors to use for different purposes.


The sewing shears come in different sizes depending upon the fabric or length and width of the fabric to be used. Their sizes range up to 12 inches and they have long knife-sharp edges to make cutting or shearing of layers of fabric easy and leave a smooth finishing to the fabric.

What Happens If You Use Sewing Shears In Household Use?

It is preferred not to use sewing shears for any purpose other than shearing the fabric. If we use them on other materials as we use scissors in a daily routine, it can become dull and its sharpness may get affected.

When it gets dull and rough, it doesn’t give the smooth finishing to the fabric and for sewing or cutting fabrics, you must have a sharp and clean sewing shear with you so you don’t have to face any roughness regarding your fabric.

It is better to use scissors instead of sewing shears if you are about to cut any material other than fabric such as paper, card, sheets, etc.


Both scissors and sewing shears are used for the cutting purpose but choosing the correct instrument for the work you are going to do is very important. Working on fabrics would be best with sewing shears while other cutting purposes are best dealt with the scissor.

Scissors and sewing shears are the instruments that look similar and both are shearing tools but they do have differences as the scissors are designed to cut different objects but the shears are specifically designed for the sewing purpose. Both have specific qualities.