How To Use Puffy Paint On Fabric

How To Use Puffy Paint On Fabric

Puffy paint is commonly used as fabric paint in crafts. If you are looking forward to trying something new and exciting with your little ones, it is a great idea to transform a plain t-shirt by using puffy paint on it, creating amazing designs, colorful details, and much more. It is a great idea to spend your afternoon making puffy paint t-shirts and when you are done, you will have a new t-shirt to wear and enjoy. 

Another interesting fact about fabric-based puffy paint is that it is machine washable, you can also use it permanently to decorate clothing that has been worn. Also, you can use it on the soles of children’s socks to provide added grip on the soles because puffy paint adds non-slip grip to surfaces. To begin the process, create your designs with stencils and pick up the paper, and place it paint side down on your shirt in the spot you want your design.

How To Use Puffy Paint On Fabric

Puffy paint is usually used as fabric paint in crafts. It is used to create t-shirts, attractive designs with eye-catching colors for your kids to have fun. You can start creating your designs by using stencils. Then, you need to paint your design on a t-shirt by placing the stencil paper over it. After your puffy paint t-shirts are painted, let them dry before washing and wearing them. 

How To Puffy Paint Paint a Shirt

Creating Desired Designs

If your drawing skills are not good then you can use freeze paper to create stenciled images. The process is quite easy, print out your images. You can find images online to turn into the stencils for your puffy paint t-shirt. Simply, go to the search engine and type “stencil image” and you will find hundreds of images. You can select any design that you like on your puffy paint t-shirt. Once you Print out your image and place the paper with the image on them on a surface. Ensure you have something like a mat or some other type of padding between the surface and your paper. Set some freezer paper on top of your images.

 Cut around the images by using an exact knife to create stencils with the freezer paper. Ask a parent to cut out the images for you, if you are younger. You can put images like stars and flowers on your bottoms or skirts. Additionally, you can also print out letters so you can write your name on your puffy paint t-shirt.  

You can draw some spontaneous designs on your puffy paint t-shirt as well. Get some larger brushes together and use these to splatter paint in a fun, spontaneous pattern around your image. Make sure to find a safe work area for doing this process because puffy paint can get messy, especially if you plan on splattering the paint. Outdoors are best for doing this activity on your puffy paint t-shirts to keep the mess out of the house. You should put cover the floor with an old newspaper in case paint spills or splatters. 

Painting Your T-Shirt

Iron the freezer paper to the t-shirt (shiny side down on the shirt). Place your t-shirt on a flat surface. Place the freezer paper on the spot so the design shows up where you want the shirt. iron over the freezer paper once so it just sticks to the fabric. If you are not an adult or don’t know how to use an iron, have a parent to help you. Thus, you do not need a brush to paint puffy paint just squeeze the puffy paint bottle directly over the stencils. Fill in your stencils by squeezing the puffy paint bottles so you can create the design you want on your shirt. It is not important to fill one solid color in the stencils, you can create any design you want like dots, small flowers, or hearts to make your t-shirt more unique and colorful. 

You can use bristle brushes to add splatters. If you want to add some quick and easy designs, squeeze some puffy paint onto a paper and dip a soft-bristled brush in it. Use the soft bristle brush over the t-shirt to create a unique and splashed effect on your shirt. Make sure the surface you are working on is covered in newspaper or a similar protective barrier if you are splattering paint. Keep going until you have filled the designs on the stencils. Carefully remove freezer paper while the fabric paint is wet to prevent the freezer paper from drying on your t-shirt. If you allow it to dry, it will adhere to the paper in any spots in the paint.

Care Of Puffy Paint T-Shirt

Last but not the least, caring for your puffy paint is so important if you don’t want your hard work to go in vain. Let the paint dry for at least four hours. Usually, puffy paint takes around 3 to 4 hours to dry. Place your t-shirt in a safe place during this time where it will not be disturbed. Keep it straight to prevent the puffy paint from smudging. You can wash your shirt after 72 hours, after that it is safe to wash your puffy paint t-shirt. But do not wash your t-shirts before the paint has had at least 72 hours, roughly three days to set.

You have to be very careful when washing your puffy paint shirt. Turn your puffy paint t-shirt inside out before washing it to preserve the signs and details. Do not use fabric softener when washing a puffy paint t-shirt.


We got positive results so you can use puffy paint on fabric to make creative things and add colors to your life. In this article, we explained how to use puffy paint on fabric (t-shirt) and it turns out outstanding. It is an amazing activity if you want to have fun with your children.

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