can brush pens be used on canvas

Brush Pens On Canvas; Brilliant or Stupid?

If you’re interested in doing art on canvas, you must be a little confused regarding what tools to go for (due to the diversity of tools art offers). There are some factors that are going to help you choose what to go for depending upon the type of painting you are going to start.

In this article, I am specifically going to target brush pens, so let’s get on with it.

Yes, brush pens can be used on a canvas but there are certain other factors that you need to look at before starting to paint with them (Like quality of the paint).

If you’re using the brush pens, you need to choose a good paint for doing your work on canvas. Keep this fact in view that canvas is made of a fabric material and not all paint materials are usable on it.

So, when we’ve decided our tool for painting, the next step is choosing its type.

Which brush pen should you use on canvas?

Brush pens usually come as water-based, and oil-based. For a flawless and luminous art work on your canvas, I’d suggest you to use a water-based brush pen. You can also surely go for the ones that use acrylic material in them.

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Which tip size is best to use on a canvas?

Brush pens come with different tip sizes. Some have thick tips which are best for you if you are just a beginner.

However, if you are going to make detailed works then you can choose a brush pen with thin tips to maintain the beauty and neatness of your work.

What type of paint should you use with brush pens on canvas?

The best paint that is going to help you the most in giving your work an ambient look is the acrylic paint.

It has a lot of versatility to offer when it comes to its usage. It can be used on several surfaces and can give a very beautiful output easily.

Should you use brush pens on canvas (In place of regular paint brushes)?

You probably need to prefer regular brush paints if you’re new because they are good for their consistency and their flexible tips can help you in painting freely whatever you want. They are beginner-friendly and help a lot in making out your imaginations into reality by the easy usage.

Having a soft tip, they can be used to make detailed structures with narrow outlines or minimal sketches without consuming much of your time and energy.

Everything you need to know about brush pens

So the brush pens that we are going to use are similar in material to the paint brushes that are usually used except for the tip that is made of nylon bristles.

However, the brush pens are further classified into types based on the inks or paints they use and choosing one of them is determined by the surface you are going to use them on.

Types of Brush Pens

Okay, so I am going to discuss the three types of brush pens in detail next so you have a clearer image regarding what suits you best. These are:

  • Water color brush pens
  • Acrylic based brush pens
  • Oil based brush pens

Watercolor or Water Based Brush Pens

Watercolor or water based brush pens are the most suitable one for you if you don’t prefer using a lot of water while painting or if you don’t have that much water available at that particular time.

Their blending characteristic and rate is definitely going to make you a fan of this tool. These are used for doing aesthetic art works, calligraphy, making Polaroid-like minimal artworks etc.

Keep one thing in mind, and that is; not every canvas is going to support this type of brush pen.

 If you like the results of water based brush paints, then I would suggest you to just buy a high quality watercolor canvas so that your struggle is not wasted by the colors getting absorbed or being spread over the surface (making it difficult to blend it properly).

So, if you’re using water color brush pens, then these pens need a water-based ink in them. Along with that, put a small bowl or container filled with some water beside you as it will require some water to make the colors look best.

Acrylic Paint Brush Pens

The other type that we have is the acrylic paint brush pens. We all know the most versatile and known material artists go for is acrylic.

Some of the major reasons to opt for these paints are their rich and prominent pigmentation that brings brightness to the eyes of the viewer.

Moreover, acrylic brush pens make the paint settle very firmly on the canvases of every type and give a radiant output once you’re done with painting.

While thinking of the canvas type, linen canvases are more preferable for acrylic paints but if you have a cotton canvas, they can go well with it too.

Acrylic paints and brushes require a lot of care when we use the simple brushes because there’s always a risk of paint drying in the brush which means that the brush is going to be of no use if you don’t take good care of it. So brush pens are free of this concern too.

You got no worries and a work full of colors too!

Oil Based Brush Pens

Oil based brush pens are also used for painting on canvas but have a little complicated use as compared to the others if you’re a beginner. They have some conditions under which they give the best outputs.

In the end, I want to clarify that you can choose whatever brush pen you like according to the results you want. Because in the end, your art is for your own satisfaction.

Overall, I would recommend these brush pens as my pick because of their versatility.

Pros of Using Brush Pens

  • They are the ideal ones for
    • Sketching
    • Illustrating
    • Drawing neatly with intricate details
  • You can confidently use them if you are going to paint a work with narrow details
  • Similarly, brush pens serve another great advantage as they consist of cartridges and do not require plenty of paints, palettes, and even water (So you have got no worries of messing things around!)
  • As a matter of fact, we all have a firm grip on pens and doing work with them always feels quite easy and confidential. So these are going to do that work for you (painting whatever you wish with convenience and ease so that you don’t feel like losing the pace).

Things To Be Careful About When Using Brush Pens

  • While using the brush pens, even if you are using water with them for better consistency, take care that you do not keep them in water for too long or it might affect the pigmentations.
  • In addition to this, don’t color single area repeatedly until the first layer dries out, or it might cause some roughness.
  • Also take care and do not use your brush very forcefully on the painting or coloring medium or you might accidentally break the bristles.

Doing Art On Canvas With Brush Pens

Well, when it comes to the usage of brush pens on canvas, it can help you provide with a lot of diversity. It doesn’t matter what type of artwork you need to make, they’re always good and convenient to go with.

Brush pens can be used for making illustrations, calligraphies, Writings, drawings, paintings, sketching and a lot more.

If you want some affordable, good brush pens, here is one of those I came across on Amazon. You can surely check them out if they suit your requirements and budget.

I like these because you can get these brush pens in as many colors as you want, with a fine consistency and good pigmentations.


So I hope that I have cleared this topic. If you still have any questions then please comment below.

Happy Painting! J

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