How Much Does A Hot Glue Gun Cost?

Hot glue guns are one of the most important arts and crafts instruments, and a little hot glue gun that can handle minor projects like DIY crafts is extremely beneficial. They are ideal for tasks such as constructing picture frames, Christmas or other holiday decorations, and various household projects that need the use of delicate materials. The best aspect of using a hot glue gun is that the glue dries in minutes, unlike other forms of glue, which can take several hours to cure or are poisonous and unsuitable for home crafts.

When shopping for the best glue gun for your next DIY project, consider whether it features temperature control, a built-in stand and a stand-up base, an on/off switch, an ergonomic trigger, a thin nozzle, and automatic shutdown.
Continue reading to learn about the top five best hot glue guns, which include cordless, corded, and temperature control options.

How Much Is a Hot Glue Gun?

The cost of a hot glue gun is determined by its size, temperature range, and other characteristics. The majority of hot glue gun costs range from $5 to $40. Some hot glue guns are dual-temperature or temperature-controlled, and feature a built-in stand and a stand-up base, and an on/off switch. If you’re seeking to save money, there are generally lots of off-brand devices with identical functionality at lower rates, so keep that in mind.

Top 5 Best Hot Glue Guns

  1. The Gorilla Dual Temp 

The Gorilla Hot glue gun is ideal for home hobbies and crafts that need a greater volume of glue. It costs $20.99 and comes with 45 Sticks, so it’s not a bad value.


  • Comfortable grip, and a built-in stand, making it easy to use.
  • Light weighted
  • Easy squeezable trigger
  • Long insulated nozzle for accurate application on any task.
  • Budget friendly
  • Includes one pack of Full Size Glue Sticks: 4″ Long, 45 Count
  • Glue sticks give a long-lasting grip, even on difficult-to-bond surfaces.
  • Its adhesives are compatible with both hot and cold glue guns.
  • It’s also weather-resistant and incredibly durable.
  • High temperature for strong bonding
  • Low temperatures are recommended for delicate materials such as flower, cloth, foam, jewelry, and others.
  1. The Cordless Hot Glue Gun

Cordless glue gun is one of the best hot glue guns for its cordless feature. It contains an Automatic Power-Off System that turns off the device after 10 minutes of inactivity to safeguard the user’s safety while also saving energy. The cordless hot glue gun incorporates battery and temperature indicators, so you can always know how much energy the kids’ glue gun kit has.


  • Automatic Power-Off System
  • Fast Preheating Time (heats in two minutes).
  • features a safety switch that turns it off after 15 minutes of inactivity
  • Chargeable 
  • To protect the hands from burns, they are made of a flame retardant material.
  • Long standby time and cordless design.
  • Equipped with an upgraded, 2200mAh premium lithium-ion battery
  • takes 2 hours to fully charge and can work for up to 100 minutes
  • The most recent smart temperature management architecture allows it to maintain a steady temperature.
  • LED working indicator for safety.
  • Trigger propulsion device and leak-proof controls glue flow
  • Helps you save more glue sticks
  • works well on plastic, glass, paper, cotton, fabric and other materials.
  • bonds immediately
  • cools down super quickly
  • To start the hot glue gun cordless, press and hold the power button for 23 seconds.
  1.  The AdTech Temp Dual Glue Gun

A high-temperature glue gun is a must-have for heavy-duty projects such as gluing birdhouses together, making lampshades, headboards, or other thick fabrics. Remember that children should not use most hot glue guns that run at high temperatures. 


  • Has low and high temperature features
  • To protect textiles, papers, and Styrofoam, use the low-temperature setting.
  • Lays longer lines
  • Long lasting bond
  • 40-Watt gun with energy-conscious design
  • 5-Foot cord (This is not a cordless glue gun)


  • Change to the high-temp setting for the strongest bond, and keep the glue pouring!
  • For clean lines and a long-lasting connection, pair any of our glue guns with Adtech hot melt glue sticks.
  • With the supplied stand, you can set up your glue gun (and prevent bothersome glue drips!) and then just grab and go!
  • Pair with full-size Adtech glue sticks (0.44″ diameter), such as Adtech High Temp or Multi Temp sticks.
  1. The MONVICT 40W Fast Heating Glue

Mini glue gun is outfitted with a sturdy plastic kickstand and a completely solid stand holder. Unlike other glue guns with a basic stand, you will never have to worry about your glue gun collapsing, missing your project, or scorching your workplace. When in use, the stand comes with a heat-resistant silicone pad that covers the surface. When the glue is cool, it is simple to remove and clean.


  • Glue Gun Stand & Safe
  • Precision nozzle & the anti-drip design
  • Anti-dripping: no more waste and mess.
  • ON/OFF button: with a green indicator
  • Quick and easy to use for your craft DIY project.
  • includes 30 non-toxic, high-quality glue sticks
  • Heats Quickly
  • Takes about 2-4 minutes to heat and release glue
  • Widely use 
  • Chargeable 
  • The length of power cord is 55â€
  1. The 30W Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun

Most glue guns aren’t ideal for creating with children, but with this 30W Mini Hot Melt Glue       

Your children will not be burnt by hot glue. It’s ideal for do-it-yourself, handwork at home, workplace, and school projects. Ideal for Christmas or birthday presents for children.


  • Come with 40pcs glue sticks
  • Secure power switch with LED indicator
  • It is more convenient to use because there is no need to unhook and re-plug the pistol.
  • Anti-hot cover that prevents scalding, especially for kids to do crafts.
  • Safety design & Flexible kickstand
  • Protects your hands from the heat
  • Offers excellent performance and perfect output
  • Heats up in 3-5 minutes

Final Verdict

This concludes our review of the top five hot glue guns. We have not only explained how to recognize different hot glue guns, but we have also offered our advice in various circumstances.
We’ve spoken about how to buy a hot glue gun and why pricing, stand, safety switches, trigger types, nozzle, and auto-off features are important considerations. We’ve explained them fully to make it easier for you to grasp them.