can you use makeup brushes for acrylic painting

Can You Use Makeup Brushes for Acrylic Painting?

Are you planning to paint with acrylic paint but are out of paint brushes? And you can’t rush to your local market? Do not worry; this hack has got your back! Using make-brushes for acrylic paints have always been a lifesaver (Can’t say why I thought about it or started it, but here we are! :P). I get the question from people, “can you use makeup brushes for acrylic painting?” I will answer it with my own experience.

Yes, you can use make-up brushes for acrylic painting. They have short bristles and are also very handy to use. Make-up brushes are cheaper than good quality artist paint brushes. But the only disadvantage is the variety of sizes and shapes. Keep in mind not to apply make-up with the same make-up brush that you used for your painting as paints can be damaging to our skin.

While painting with make-up brushes, I personally have felt that the bristles are very short which makes them handy and our painting controlled. If you have a very long bristled brush, you better have a steady hand to paint with, otherwise it is a big no for using long bristled brushes as they aren’t handy. Makeup brushes are also very good tools for painting. Doing make-up is in itself nothing but art with which you try to enhance your beauty.  

Advantages of Using Make-Up Brushes as Paint Brushes for Acrylic Paint

can we use make-up brushes for acrylic paintingBrushes actually can make or break a piece of art. Choosing the right brush for painting with acrylics is very important. As per my experience, in terms of quality, make-up brushes are pretty good for painting. Make-up brushes might as well be underrated for painting as people usually use them for just makeup. Some major advantages of using a make-up brush like a paint brush for acrylic painting are listed below:

  • They are usually of very good quality, as people usually tend to use them for face, so the bristles are pretty soft and fluffy.
  • Are inexpensive.
  • Handy in use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Make-up brushes do not shed their bristles, unlike cheap paint brushes.

Disadvantages of Using Make-Up Brushes as Paint Brushes for Acrylic Paint

can we use make-up brushes for acrylic paintingThere are no as such disadvantages of using make-up brushes as paint brushes for acrylic paint in my opinion. Make-up brushes are really fine even if we compare them with the regular brushes. What I believe is that we spend a huge amount of money on paint brushes as one good paint brush can cost about 10 to 25 dollars. Whereas, you can find pretty cheap and good quality makeup brushes from the dollar store or can get them for about $3 to $4, which is really reasonable for such quality as compared to paint brushes in the same price range.

  • The only real disadvantage is the variety in shapes. If you are looking for a brush to add details to your painting, then make-up brushes would be a flop because they are meant to be used for your face and aren’t much help with the details. 

Type of Brushes Used for Acrylic Paints

The list below incorporates the 7 most sorted after acrylic paint brushes. I have also mentioned about what they are most usually utilized for. Remember however, that these are simply very broad classifications and recommendations.

Wash brush

Acrylic wash brushes are most popular for covering enormous pieces of canvas or paper rapidly. Paint can be applied utilizing a dry brush, however, most specialists will utilize a wash brush by first dunking it into some water to accomplish the greatest inclusion rapidly. You may likewise notice that these brushes are additionally thicker than the rest of the paint brushes used for acrylic paints.   

Angled brush

The angled paint brush is known to have an angled or inclined tip. An inclined tip for the fibers is particularly helpful for bends and having the option to make lines and shapes that fluctuate in thickness and inclusion. If you want to vary the thickness in one stroke, then this type of brush is what you need.  

Fan brush

Fan brushes, as the name would suggest, have a fan formed tip. These brushes are extraordinary for blending in backgrounds and skies; just as adding unobtrusive features to darker zones. The fan brush can turn into your new closest companion if you work on natural landscapes a lot, like painting trees, grasses, growth, or even unique watery kinds of plans with acrylic paints.

Flat brush

The flat brush intently looks like a wash brush; aside from the fact that it is not exactly as thick, dense, wide and the bristles are commonly not as adjusted on the edges. Flat brushes can likewise be utilized for thick to thin lines or intense shading on the edges. Anyway, for some individuals, the inclined sort will probably give somewhat more solace and control when dealing with a canvas at an easel.

Flat brushes are extraordinary for wider strokes where you need a great deal of paint inclusion. In the event that you are chipping away at a surface where a wash brush may be excessively huge, the flat brush gives you amazing inclusion while additionally giving you somewhat more control as compared to the wash brush as its thin handle is pretty handy.

Liner brush

A liner brush is a brush that has very thin, delicate, and long bristles. Liner brushes are best utilized for fine subtleties when you paint. You can utilize liner brushes to plunge into ink or acrylic paint. Liner brushes are incredible for having a great deal of control of the paint brush and for making exceptionally meager lines.

You can utilize a liner brush for writing down letters and adding words to your masterpiece. Since the brush tip is extremely delicate and the brush itself is very handy, this makes it simple to work out letters, numbers, and words. Also, Liner brushes are superb for having a ton of control of the paint brush because of its handle for making exceptionally flimsy lines.

Round brush

Round paint brushes are usually smaller in size as compared to the rest of the paint brushes; they have a dedicated edge. The handle of these brushes has a smaller structure which gives you a similar inclination you would have when holding a pencil or pen.

These brushes tend to give you the most extreme control for various subtleties in your acrylic painting. Utilize these brushes for including subtleties and when you need full control of the size and stream of the paint. You may likewise wish to explore different avenues regarding utilizing these brushes both wet and dry for various impacts while creating a masterpiece of art.

Palette knife

Palette knives are in fact not really brushes by any means; however, they are a typical and well-known approach to apply paint to canvas. Numerous specialists use palette cuts in a wide range of approaches to make various surfaces and impacts in their work of art.


Using makeup brushes as paintbrushes for acrylic paint is not a bad option as they can do the work and they are also inexpensive, have fluffy soft bristles, and give a smooth stroke. Whereas, the only disadvantage is the variety in size and shape. But the answer to the question ‘can you use makeup brushes for acrylic painting?’ is simple and the only thing to keep in mind is that you should not use the same brushes for make up with which you applied paint to your canvas.

Acrylic paints are not toxic but can damage the skin if they remain in contact for a long period of time. So, for your own safety, if you have used any make-up brush for painting, then you should place it in your painting kit rather than with the remaining make-up brushes.

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