Best Type Of Paint Brush For Acrylics

Keeping in mind the best type of paint brush for acrylics, when purchasing brushes, you can get both the natural fiber brushes which are used by oil painters or synthetic brushes used for smooth watercolor painting.

Natural fibers brushes are produced using a type of creature hair, for example, hog or badger. While, synthetic fibers are frequently produced using nylon, polyester, or a blend of both.


While you decide to opt for any one of the types (natural or synthetic), the below points will help you in choosing which type is best to use for you.

  • Natural-bristle brushes are best to apply oil-based paints, and synthetic fiber brushes are suggested for water-based latex paints.
  • Synthetic brushes are best to lay flat paint regions, while natural fibers give a progressively uneven surface.
  • For oil-paints, you require thicker fibers to move the thick and overwhelming paint around. For watercolors you require a gentler brush because the medium is exceptionally liquid.
  • Most brush makers create synthetic brushes made explicitly for acrylic painting. These are safer and springier than those made for watercolor. They are solid and keep their shape well, and settle on an incredible decision for beginners.

Also, natural bristle brushes made for oil paint can be used with acrylic paints. When painting with acrylics you have to keep your brushes wet or drenched in water for quite a while, so the paint does not dry on the brush, and this extreme dampness can destroy the natural fibers quickly.

Considering the above points, it can be concluded that while you are painting with acrylics, synthetic fiber brushes will help you in creating your artwork more effectively.


This set is a 10-piece paint brush set which accompanies 2 edge brushes, 2 flat paint brush sizes, 3 filbert paint brushes, 2 round paint brush sizes, and 1 rigger. Either you are an expert or a learner, this is the perfect set to use with acrylics, face and body paints, watercolors, gouache, or oil paints.


  • These are expertly planned with immovably held bristles to hold the paint incredibly well.
  • They permit smooth strokes and will hold their shape regardless of what you toss at them, ensuring zero shedding or stray hairs.
  • They are non-shedding hand-picked synthetic fibers of the best quality, rust proof aluminum oxide ferrules, and certifiable birch wood handles.
  • They work superbly and are smooth on paper.
  • These are of high quality. They are very soft and simple to clean.
  • They are a good value for money.


  • They are not as multi-purpose as they are publicized to be.
  • These hold shape well, yet for oil and watercolor, they don’t hold paint that much.

Real art brushes for specialists with filbert brush 2, 6, 12; sizes 4, 8 flats and little #1 round for marks and detail lines. They give a genius result for artistic work, beginners or leisure activity painters. Painters love stiff boar bristles for oil sketches. Works splendidly as acrylic paint brushes to make free painterly strokes.


  • As mentioned before, they work splendidly as acrylic paint brushes to make free painterly strokes.
  • These are of best quality paint brushes produced using premium hog hair bristles for stroke control and profound banners to circulate paint equitably.
  • They are perfectly adjusted.
  • The light weight wood facilitates hand fatigue during every-day painting.
  • The solid defensive case and dust bag included for travelling outside and taking classes.


  • While removing the glue from the brushes, a little bunch of fibers usually drops out from one side of the ferrule on one brush.

This is a set of 13 handmade, premium quality paintbrushes, 7 natural bristle and 6 synthetic – liner, flat, round, fan and filbert. This expertly planned universally handy art brush set makes a unique blessing. The fabric cover is washable, and unlike normal hard cases, it tends to be cleaned much less demanding particularly when utilizing watercolors.


  • With Anti-shedding bristles, these brushes are expected to be durable and simple to clean.
  • The case fabricate is solid and delightful for a craftsman’s way of life.
  • The color coded ergonomic wooden handles give you a lot of ease on canvas.
  • The brushes are rust-free, and the magnetic clasps added to the wallet for a quick and simple shut.
  • The set is intended for use for explorers being lightweight, reasonable, insignificant and stylish.
  • The brushes have an astounding division of fiber and nylon which works both for oil and acrylic, definitely worth the money.


  • The handles are less than 15″ and does not suit those craftsmen who are enamored of long handles.

FINAL VERDICT: Best Type Of Paint Brush For Acrylics

While all painters require great materials, finding an amazing brush is a dire need for acrylic painters. With rising brush costs, more craftsmen are attempting different materials and will explore different avenues regarding an assortment of materials and styles before finding their most loved brushes. Artists who make substantial works will require a lot of bigger brushes than the ones leaning toward little, point by point work.

After reading the above article, you will be able to choose a paint brush set that suits your work, pocket and will help you create your artwork in a dignified manner. That being said, of all the brush sets that we have listed, Adi’s Art Pro Paint Brushes are a good candidate for the best type of paint brush for acrylics, but other two can also be given preference according to your needs.

As a rule, it’s smarter to choose a couple of good brushes, for example, a couple medium-estimate round and a level brush as opposed to attempting to gather a full scope of sizes and styles. Great quality rounds and pads can give the vast majority of the strokes which claim to fame styles offer. You can likewise try different things with various sorts of brushes to discover the kinds of brushes to suit your work of art style best.

We hope you liked our article and we hope that it may have been a little useful for you to make the perfect choice for your artwork.

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