best paper to paint on with acrylic paints

Best Paper To Paint On With Acrylic Paints

Artistic minds serve better when given the appropriate tools. Acrylic paints are one of the best choices for a painter. These water-soluble paints are the first choice of painters because once they settle, they are water resistant. And then comes the choice of paper or canvas. In short, an artistic piece can never be complete without the best choice of paper. In art materials, wet-strength is the reason a person should consider choosing a painting sheet. After all, no one wants to work hard and at the end have their piece of art ruined by the un-competitive choice of art sheet. 

Hence, here we provide and compare some of the best paper types as follows:

How papers differ?

By using different plant fibers, commonly with wood or cotton mixtures, a paper is made. It has hemp, straw, rice, and flax; which are natural materials, and if not processed properly, decay with time. For this reason, many new chemicals are combined or experimented together to bring out the best of them. This means, in mould-made papers, there are various qualities, and we are here to determine the best based on weight. Whatever the choice might be, machine made paper is best utilized. One more thing to be made clear is that wood-based papers are less expensive but soak easily. That is why they should be used in dry media. But here, we will be discussing coated papers, which are better than cotton rags and are toothier.

What can be your best pick for opaque colors?

As we all know, it’s not easy to use an air brush on every material. We have short-listed three products which can be of best use for all artists.

 Finding the right substrate on the art paper is something that needs to be considered. We know that experience is the best teacher but with learning of materials, one can use easy and retaining paper. After all, no one wants a paper that decays over time.


This acid free paper has fine lines and is also 160 gm. The acrylic paints used in this drawing paper are smoother. The best part of this paper is that it is not prone to stains; it does not transfer color on the very next paper, as it absorbs ink more easily. Its capability of ink absorption, makes it the best choice that one can get. This coated paper is best fine mesh for one to use.

Mixed media paper:

This sketchpad is best as a drawing instrument. The precision of art which is provided with the use of best acrylic paints and watercolor. The mixed-media paper is easier for all artistic talents to use. Another positive aspect is that this paper is recycled and is also acid free.



The first type is expensive sheets pack. It is the art pack with top quality and has capability of Multi-Media usage. This paper has the best quality which shows its capability of acid-free paper. In art and drawing supplies, the quality of paper is something that matters. The features this book has for making it best for acrylic painting are as follows:

Professional artists look:

With fine texture and canvas look, this product is more of a drawing pad an artist needs for their backpack. Professional level artists do not have any concern with the size of paper, all they need is a toothy texture. This is required as they want acrylic paint to latch on easily.

Expensive but Affordable price:

This book has the best potential for artistic adventure. The best part is the ebook, which is entailed with it. Weight of the paper is 160 GM which makes it another reason for artists to buy; but wait! we still have other options in line. It is a range which is in between cotton rag and coated papers. A more like pastel but not that expensive.



This art sheet package is the least expensive. Maybe because it has 90 papers, as compared to the other two. Moreover, it is washable, which shows its texture is smoother and makes it perfect for water color but not acrylic paints. It has a quality of color stay and is vibrant. But with quality falling for the lowest price and not favorable to all media, it is recommended to not use this type of in-expensive book.

The poor quality:

In many of the reviews provided online it is just a mixed material in Canson. It leaves behind distinct ridges which also swatch off. It though has the quality of drying super-fast but it has made many bad experiences for artistic shoppers. There is no use of dried paper to be glazed in as the material which we are considering here is professional acrylics, and they are quite hard in as surface. Which in reality cannot be used on this light weight or patchy material.


Thinking now about what to buy?

Now after considering the details of all three paper materials, it is recommended to buy Bellofy 100-sheets sketchpad. Though we know that the other two have their own qualities, this material is the best option, as our topic of discussion justifies.


In our personal opinion, the better or the best product to be bought is always a paper which has medium quality. The mixture of cotton rag and coated papers, which is in Bellofy, can be used as best choice for acrylic paint. As they need a fine surface to stay, Bellofy provides them with it. Along with this, the suitable dry media is better than sanded materials for artists to use.

If you are a new practicing artist, we will then suggest the least expensive ones as acrylic paints have their own challenges which should be experienced before any graphic illustrations are made. So, hurry up to buy one in these art papers category.

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