Best Paper To Paint On With Acrylic Paints

A virtually infinite number of surfaces are available for acrylic painting, but thankfully, the best paper products are available right now!

You can use anything from a stretched cotton canvas to other unusual mediums, like terracotta or degreased leather, making it a fairly flexible art form.

You’ve therefore come to the perfect place if you’re an acrylic painter seeking some of the Best Paper Items for Acrylic Painting!

I have examined a few of the top Acrylic Paper Papers available today at fairly reasonable prices.

U.S. Art Supply Acrylic Painting Paper

  • Textured surface – gives your acrylic paints a more clinging surface
  • Spiral bound – makes it easier to remove the sheets of paper once you’ve finished with them
  • 400 GSM – perfect for use with acrylic paints

This U.S. Art Supplies pad’s high-weighted paper will prevent it from warping even when multiple layers are applied, or inexperienced artists use a strong hand when first starting off.

This has a spiral bound, so you may rest it on your easel without worrying about the paper moving while you paint.

Regarding reasonably priced Paper Art Materials, U.S. Art Supply has always been dependable regarding quality. It has the ideal smoothness and texture balance, with a thick, grippy surface to hold the paint in place.

These pads are ideal for acrylic painting since they are heavy and thick, almost eliminating colour leakage and buckling.

These paper pads are also pH- and acid-free, making them perfect for acrylic painting!


  • Heavy weighted paper
  • Acid-free
  • Spiral bound
  • Affordable student grade pick


  • Some quality concerns on surface quality

Customer Review

“I used acrylic paints on this paper, including water, to dilute the paint, and there was no bleeding on the pages behind it! This is exactly what I wanted. It is perfect for keeping your acrylic paintings in one book altogether.

It is very thick paper, not canvas, so the paint & water seem to absorb quicker than on canvas; not as easy to blend on this as canvas, but for me, it is just what I wanted in a spiral bound pad.”

Arteza Acrylic Pad

  • The heavyweight paper is strong, so you may create your masterpiece without worrying about the paper sagging or ripping because it withstands a lot of paint.
  • Each of the 16 sheets in the pad is 11 by 14 inches. Additionally, the paper is ideal for oil painting.

This Arteza acrylic pad is the ideal option if you want excellent value.  Two premium paper pads are provided for the price of one.

This implies that you receive twice as much paper for all of your art projects. There are a total of 32 sheets of acrylic paper included, giving you extra room for creativity.

The paper in this paper pad is 400 GSM, which is extremely fantastic. It is now substantial enough to handle acrylic paints.

This specific paper provides the ideal texture for your needs and the ideal absorbency for your preferred colours.

The paper itself is quite simple to remove from these paper pads, which is another useful feature. As you remove the paper from the pad itself, there is no need to worry that you can unintentionally damage your artwork.

With this acrylic paper pad, you’ll get more for your money. Despite the fact that you must pay more up ahead, you receive twice as much paper compared to similar items. This implies that once you’ve used the first 16 sheets of the pad, you won’t have to worry about paying more money to replace it.


  • You get 2 high-quality paper pads for the same price
  • Perfect for use with acrylic paints
  • No buckling – this paper has been designed not to buckle when the paint is applied


  • Gesso – recommended to apply a layer of gesso before you start acrylic painting

Customer Review

“Very nice paper, quite heavy, which is good. I’m using it for oil stick painting (practising!), and the paper stays flat and ridged without curling. The paper has a slight texture to it. I would recommend it.”

Acrylic Paint Artist Paper Pad from Royal Langnickel Essentials

  • The featured size is portable and easily slips into your bag or handbag.
  • This paper’s 96-pound weight and thickness are suitable for acrylic painting but not for more wet substances.

Choosing this Royal Langnickel Essentials 17-Sheet Acrylic Paint Artist Paper Pad would be wise.

Although this particular pad is only 5 by 7 inches, Royal Langnickel’s Essentials range offers this acrylic painting paper pad in various sizes.

This tiny pad would be a cute option for practising acrylic paint texture or storing swatches of the acrylic paints you already own.

This is for everyone who needs a high-quality acrylic paper pad for warm-up or practice. They are also ideal if you’re new to acrylic painting and want to buy a good paper pad without spending much money on it.

Although these 17-Sheet Acrylic Paper Pads were thinner and less texturized than the other two in my review, they failed to wow me. But after I actually began painting these pads, I agreed that they were quite good considering the price they were purchased for.

These paper pads were primarily made for novices starting with acrylic painting instead of professional paper pads.

These acrylic paper pads have sheets that are only 96 lbs thick. Although if that works for acrylic painting, you would undoubtedly run into several issues if you choose to use a more watery medium.


  • Very portable and travel-friendly size
  • The paper doesn’t warp
  • Good for beginners


  • Not suitable for extra-watery mediums
  • The thickness and texture are not up to professional standards

Customer Review

“It’s a good quality used water color with it as well, and very little buckling. Handy for testing different techniques without using my big acrylic paper.”

Final Words

After evaluating the above paper types, I found nothing compares to Arteza Acrylic Pad in terms of performance, worth, and price.

The quality is much higher than other acrylic papers despite the low cost. It is buckle-free since it features two 16-sheet acrylic paper pads that weigh 246 lb. It has a desired linen touch, giving your artwork a nice feel.

This pad of acrylic paper is large enough for your heavyweight, resilient, buckle-free, and acid-free artwork. Additionally, it is reasonable!