best acrylic paint sets

Best Acrylic Paint Sets

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional painter, it’s always a good idea to figure out what brand of paints work best according to your needs. When it comes to acrylic pigments, however, there are many choices available. Buying acrylic paint when you’re a beginner can seem daunting because there are so many different brands, colors, and variations to choose from, but fear not! This article will help you navigate that maze and find products that match your needs, as well as your budget. So have a read to find the best acrylic paint sets for yourself.

When determining the acrylic paint that you’ll use, there are several key factors to consider: quality, permanence, viscosity, and hue. Here’s a quick rundown on which acrylic paint to choose and what is the best set for acrylic paints.


Our best pick from all the three sets mentioned below is the ARTEZA ACRYLIC PAINT, SET OF 60 COLORS/TUBES WITH STORAGE BOX because these have an amazing vibrant color, and are thick and creamy. The kit features smooth, highly pigmented colors to produce true, consistent shades. They are great for creative adults, teens and kids and available in a pocket friendly amount.


These paints are of a professional grade artists’ quality with a heavy body consistency that is richly pigmented. It glides on like a dream – a silky-smooth finish that allows you to focus on producing vivid and accurate artworks. There are 48 x 12ml tubes of non-toxic professional artist quality paints for painting canvas, fabric, paper, ceramic, clay, wood, metal, nails & crafts.


• Lasting Vibrant Colors:
The colors lay down vivid, highly pigmented acrylic colors that stay that way. These paints are creamy, rich and pigmented that dry glossy and retain brush-strokes well. The colors flow on smoothly, blend well with each other, and the paint dries to a brilliant color.

• Easy Handling:
This set has an assortment of small tubes of acrylics. The set comes in a very handsome packaging. It has a wonderful selection of colors, and the small tubes of paint give multiple colors at a very reasonable price. One will be very pleased with this set of small tubes for playing with lots of color without having to make a bunch of decisions.

One of our customers reviewed these paints as fantastic. They arrived packaged gorgeously, and the product was exactly what he was looking for. He hasn’t used all of the colors yet but the ones he has used have been excellent. He used these on wood on top of 3 coats of wood preservative and they worked beautifully. He also painted 3 coats of spar urethane over these colors. He said that he will definitely purchase more of these.

Another customer reviewed that she hasn’t purchased more because she can’t find the set of 48x21ml anywhere. She thinks that these paints are rich and creamy and she just loves them. She requested us to produce more large sets and she will surely purchase them. The colors that are included are rich, and consistent. They spread evenly on curved surfaces like sea shells. There is no smell, and it washes out pretty easily.
Another one of our customers got the product for learning how to paint. He thought it was reasonably priced and it has suited his needs so far. They’re easy to mix and they create rich, vibrant colors.


This premium acrylic paint kit features smooth, highly pigmented color to produce true, consistent shades. These are ideal for canvas painting; these colors won’t fade over time. One doesn’t need to worry about toxicity with these acrylic paints. They’re ACMI-certified safe for the complete peace of your mind. They are great for creative adults, teens and kids. This set can be one’s new go-to for acrylics!

• Premium Artist Quality:
These acrylic paints have an amazing vibrant color that are thick and creamy, quick-drying & best consistency of tint, minimum wet to dry color shift with an excellent covering power, maximum pigment concentration for easy blending and smooth consistency. These retain peaks and brush-strokes and resist surface cracking.

• Wide Range Of Colors:
This set provides a wealth of usable colors and has a nice, thick quality with plenty of pigmentation for those colors to “pop” on your canvas. One will definitely love this assortment of colors and the quality of paint is wonderful. It is such a nice variety pack, full of gorgeous colors which are kept in nice trays in the box.

• Rich, Vivid Pigments:
This expert acrylic paint kit features smooth, highly pigmented colors to produce true, consistent shades. It is ideal for canvas painting; these colors won’t fade over time. They are packed in a sturdy box and is great for keeping the acrylic paints always organized and accessible.

One of our customers is a watercolor artist and was looking to give acrylics a try. Thus, he ordered these paints and was impressed with the color selection. He had to make a color chart and love these paints already and couldn’t wait to paint with them.

One other customer suggested that if someone is trying to get as much color and different hues and don’t really like mixing that much, he would recommend to get this set. He loved the brand and the color. He believes that this product is good for any level of expertise; from beginner to expert.


If you are looking for a great quality, cheap acrylic paint set, you can easily go for this Creative Joy acrylic paint set. It doesn’t cost that much, and contains one dozen 12 ml (0.42 fl oz) tubes of nontoxic acrylic paint; six assorted brushes with soft flexible nylon bristles and the nontoxic water-based acrylic paints are ASTM D-4236 and EN 71-3 certified. The colors include Crimson Red, Vermillion, Lemon Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Ultramarine, Cerulean, White, Black, Hooker’s Green, Viridian, Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber and are one of the best acrylic paint set for beginners.

• Versatility:
One can use these vivid acrylic paints on paper, canvas, wood, fabric and many more surfaces, and can enjoy shading, outlining and detailing using the acrylic paint brush set with comfort handles designed to fit large and small hands.

• Durable Brushes:
The brushes are craft brushes, but they are long lasting. They mix color greatly and the pigment is strong. These are of high quality for a low price. The price is on point, the paints colors are vibrant and the brushes are surprisingly durable and soft. The brush sizes are also very useful.

• A Unique Product:
It is indeed a different product, having a longer working time (up to half an hour), a minimal shift from wet to dry (because of a new binder), and a satin finish (rather than gloss). The tube labels have a painted color swatch rather than a printed one. This is a nice option for beginners because it provides a wide range of colors and painting options to experiment with.

One of our customers reviewed this set as perfect for an art project she did with her mentor group. The colors were vibrant and fresh, and the brushes were just the perfect variety for all the different uses/techniques they tried. Moreover, the set was shipped on time, securely & properly packaged, and was simply a joy to use.

Another customer used the paint for a mallard decoy and it worked perfect. The colors are great to choose from and the paint brushes that come with the paint are really nice, giving one lots of choices of width for detailing. He was really happy and satisfied with the whole kit.



Whether you’re just starting out or are a professional, there’s always something new to learn about acrylic paint. If you’re a beginner and on a budget, it’s fine to start off with students’ quality paint, but I’d recommend graduating to artists’ colors once you start producing artwork that you care about preserving. Another option is to take the middle road by getting students’ paints for the earth colors (which are almost just as good) but forking out more for the pure intense colors. Some artists also save money by using students’ colors for underpainting and using professional quality paint on top.

Some brands are better than others, but when it comes to the top tier manufacturers it’s really a matter of personal preference. The sets I’ve listed above are reputable and reliable, but check your personal preference before buying one.

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