Best Acrylic Paint Sets

There are many aspects to consider when choosing a high-quality acrylic paint, including vibrancy, consistency, lightfastness, permanence, brand colour choice, and, most significantly, how it works.

After researching and reviewing many of the most popular acrylic paint brands, I found the 3 listed below were the best.

Best Acrylic Paint Sets

  1. Winsor and Newton Professional Acrylics
  2. Arteza Acrylic Paint Set
  3. Liquitex Professional Acrylic Set

Winsor and Newton Professional Acrylics

  • Winsor and Newton’s binder are distinctive since it is translucent while wet and dry.
  • Properly balances expert acrylics with paint suitable for beginners and children.
  • The consistency of the paint is creamy and thick.

This is the acrylic paint I have always loved to use. No other paints compare to the one I was first exposed to me. These high-quality paints mix nicely and cleanly, have brilliant colors, are easy to manipulate, and stay vibrant on the canvas for years. Effortlessly and with a satisfactory thickness, the paint is applied.

The professional range of acrylic paints from Winsor and Newton offers reliable acrylic paint with consistent performance. It mixes easily and evenly without clumping. It has an even, silky consistency.

I’ve discovered that there isn’t much hue shift while the paint dries. The paint is made simple to work with by all of this.

These paints have a high pigment content and are significantly brighter than any student-level line, and even after thinning, the colours retain their vibrancy.

These are among the best acrylics for thinner washes because of this and the fact that they are water-soluble. Anyone who wants a smooth application over discernible brushstrokes might choose this line.


  • Very vivid colour
  • Simple handling
  • Barely any colour change


  • No larger containers

Customer Review

“These acrylics are very vibrant. They slide onto the canvas very smoothly and blend well if you can paint quickly. However, none of the colors are anywhere near opaque. That works OK if you work in layers or glazes. The tubes are larger than the W&N Professional line, so you get your money’s worth, especially when they’re on sale.”

Arteza Acrylic Paint Set

  • Ideal for canvas painting, these colors won’t fade over time.
  • The price is very reasonable, and the color range in their sets is great.
  • With a non-toxic formulation that is safe for kids and shipping with a handy storage container.

The best collection of paints I had for the money was this Arteza acrylic paint kit. These materials enabled me to produce works of art that retained their brightness and vibrancy years after I had prepared them.

The 24 paint tubes were carefully arranged onto four different plastic racks in this set’s ultra-slim and well-organized design. The screw lid of each tube prevents the paint inside from drying out for a longer time.

Additionally, the tubes were each designated with ratings for lightfastness and pigmentation to help you determine how long your painting will maintain its original appearance. This package stands out from the competition and is definitely worth the money.

For the price, the colours function reasonably well. They combine fairly well and have a good amount of vibrancy. Although the number of pigments and permanence are not very high, this is to be expected given the price.

Do not be afraid to offer your child these colours; they are totally safe and non-toxic. Additionally, the caps can be easily resealed, making them the ideal purchase for the infrequent crafter.


  • Deep, intense pigmentation
  • Amazing kit
  • Licensed by ACMI and secure to use
  • Fast-drying, non-fading paints


  • Blending requires too fast a drying time.
  • Colors can’t be bought individually

Customer Review

“I’m not an acrylic artist but use them more for crafting, and these are fine, but I would not use them for fine art or selling work since they do r show lightfastness. Wonderful for acrylic underpaintings, crafts and letting kids use.”

Liquitex Professional Acrylic Set

  • This heavy-bodied acrylic performs superbly in every regard.
  • It has a wonderful consistency, a buttery flow, and a stunning satin finish.

Despite the relatively low pigment count, the colours are vivid and dazzling. In a way, it’s advantageous because many experts choose darker hues.

The paint has amazing tensile strength. No matter the color, the paint is very durable and lightfast. The paint is both UV and water-resistant.

The kit I evaluated included 12 colours, and online and offline merchants sell the colours separately. Although the colour selection is a little lackluster, I believe it to be adequate for most artists’ needs.

With 48 colours to choose from, your artwork will always be able to stand out thanks to its strong and bright tones (albeit not to the same degree as professional quality paints).

These flow a bit thinner than the Liquitex Professionals, which were heavy body paint ideal for impastos and building up texture in your artwork.

Not necessarily a negative thing, especially if you like to layer your artwork. If you like thickness, add your own amount of impasto gel.

Given that this is a sizable collection of colors, Liquitex does sell these paints separately, making restocking simple once you’ve used up your favorite colour.


  • The colors have an amazing performance in terms of vibrancy and consistency
  • It has a gorgeous satin finish
  • The colors are incredibly durable as well
  • They are water-resistant and UV resistant


  • It is expensive

Customer Review

“The tunes are pretty tiny, but there are many of them. Perfect for beginners to intermediate artists. The best thing about this set is finding the colors you use most and buying the larger tubes once you are out.

There are likely colors in here I’ll probably never use, but hey, you never know! This set is an incredible gift, especially if you pair it with artboards, canvases and oil pastels.”

Final Words

Along with my selection of the best acrylic paints, I have also included a review of each one. I hope that you had fun and benefited from reading this article.

If you are serious about painting, I urge you to use Winsor and Newton Professional Acrylics. Although it is of excellent quality, the price may be exorbitant depending on your budget.

The only things that will ever improve your artistic ability are hard effort and practice. Hence, when painting, be sure to continue practicing routinely and continually push your own personal limitations.