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Basic Brushes For Acrylic Painting You Need To Get Started (3 Picks)

People think acrylic painting is a lot more difficult than other mediums, that’s not true. In fact, it is one of the more accessible mediums to start if you’re a beginner. All you need to start your journey is basic brushes for acrylic painting, a canvas and, of course, some guidance.

A set of brushes is an artist’s own choice, which depends upon his style of painting. However, almost all the painters use the same basic brushes for their projects. 

We’ve picked out the best three brush sets that meet the criteria for having all the basic brushes for acrylic painting in them:

Moreover, you can be sure of their quality because we know very well that an artist can’t compromise on that.

Quickly jump to the machine you need:


We’ve put this brush set as our best pick keeping the beginners in mind. This set is ideal for beginners as it contains all the necessary brushes to complete an acrylic painting. You need to trust us in this choice and go for  the 12 brush set for acrylic painting.

This set has enough number of brushes you’ll need to complete your paintings, and these brushes will help you grow also. The sizes and types of brushes are ideal for a new painter as they are not too complex and offer enough diversity.

We’ve also kept in mind the financial point of view. This brush set is the best we could find in such a price with this quality. So, just take our word and choose this one and dive right into the acrylic world!

A point to be noted here is that this set will suffice your basic needs, even if you are a pro. So don’t worry if you’re not a beginner. Try this set and look for yourself, you’ll love it.

The features and customer feedback of this set are discussed below.


So, continuing with the most-awaited brush set of this article. Starting of with the thickness. In terms of thickness, this set contains;

  • little
  • medium and
  • vast thickness paint brushes.

In terms of shape, these are;

  • round
  • level
  • filbert
  • angular
  • edge shaped with an extremely sharp tip

These characteristics make them equipped for supplementing any palette.

  • Rust-Free Aluminum Ferrules:

This brush set has soft and adaptable brush hair; double pleated aluminum ferrules guarantee no wiggling; durable wooden handle for ideal control/hold and extraordinary hand feeling. You can utilize these brushes to show your ability in your art with ease as they are molded and strong brushes.

  • Flexibility:

This incredible paint brush set is ideal for any dimension of craftsman, from beginners to experts. Regardless of whether you are searching for leisure activity paint brushes, paint brushes for children, or expert paint brushes, this craftsman brush set will help you in any way.

  • Simple Maintenance:

These acrylic paint brushes need an easy maintenance. After utilizing your fine tip paint brushes for acrylic painting, it’s extremely advantageous to clean them with warm sudsy water and reshape the paintbrush tips. Air-dry the detail brushes and store them in the bag in a tip-top position for long time of utilization. Paint brush nylon hairs are cautiously chosen and will spring back flawlessly after each brush stroke. They can be effortlessly tided up with foamy warm water and reshaped with your fingers.


Our readers have always given us feedback for the products. To your satisfaction, most of them think of this acrylic paintbrush set as the best quality brushes. Especially at their price.

The set contains a good combination of sizes. They are perfect for a beginner as well as a professional artist. These brushes hold up well and their bristles are firm and are securely intact so that they can survive many washing procedures.

Many of our reader family also reviewed about the handles of the brushes being the perfect fit to hold the brush while stroking. The bristles of the brushes are soft to touch, confirming that they are well-constructed and are of premium quality.  These brushes work well when you to paint in detail as well as when you have to cover larger areas such as backgrounds or landscapes.

This 10-brush set comes as our second choice. It is a comprehensive paint brush set that will cover all your needs as an artist.

The set includes;

  • 2 edge brushes,
  • 2 level paint brush sizes,
  • 3 filbert paint brushes,
  • 2 round paint brush sizes and
  • 1 rigger.

The great thing about these brushes is that they make everything easy for you. This includes mixing  the color. In short, these brushes are also perfect for every level of artist from kids, beginners to professionals.

  • A Quality Paint-Brush Set That Will Last for Years:

This brush set features non-shedding hand-picked manufactured fibers of the best quality which are rust proof aluminum oxide ferrules. The handles of these brushes are made up of real birch wood which makes its quality more distinctive from others. As soon as you try these brushes, you’ll know why we put them as our number 2 choice.

These are expertly planned with immovably held fibers to hold the paint very well. They permit very smooth and gentle strokes and will hold their shape regardless of what you toss at them. All of this while ensuring close to zero shedding or stray hairs.

  • Brilliant Craftsmanship:

The set has a wide variety of brushes that have different shapes and sizes. This helps you to achieve maximum precision. From the smallest details to the largest coat applications, every stroke comes to life with ease. These brushes are designed with anti-shedding bristles, hostile to rust nickel ferrules, and strong wooden handles. You can utilize the brushes to concentrate on your art work and dependably be loaded up with innovative thoughts. There’s no danger in purchasing this paint brush set.

  • High Quality Brush Handles:

Each brush handle is handmade and produced using common materials. This rules out any harshness in the brush as unfriendly scents or even toxicity.

The handles themselves are short and fit most hand sizes, which furnishes you with the greatest comfort. The brushes are produced using delicate, manufactured nylon material. Each brush contains delicate fibers that don’t shed even after many washes. Indeed, even after different washes and uses, they’ll keep up their shape.

This paint brush set is intended to use for craftsmen, grown-ups, instructors and students for acrylic painting. They additionally function admirably in painting models, figures and pottery.

User Impression:

One of our readers reported these brushes as great choice for the painters. They maintain their shape and don’t fall off easily. Additionally, they’re extremely simple to clean. The quality of the brushes is remarkable.

The set comes with all the distinctive sizes. They are outstanding among other moderate brushes. People confer that the brushes are of really good quality for this asking price. The paint has’nt chipped off like other costlier brushes.

Even the packaging of these brushes was mentioned in the reviews. People felt it was great, the brushes were of premium quality, and they were an extraordinary item. Most people can unquestionably recommend this set to you.

This brush set comes in on third in our list. Getting on with its features, we have:
  • Superior Quality:

This paintbrush set is an extraordinary prologue to proficient quality. The paint brushes are handcrafted with consideration, utilizing the best material to guarantee that no fibers are abandoned to ruin your work.

The brush hair is thick and smooth, and fixed in aluminum ferrule immovably that won’t come out easily. The brush shafts are wooden, and won’t be broken after pro-longed use.

  • Solid Portability:

The paint brushes set accompanies a flawless holder. With the convenient case, it is additionally ideal for carrying it outside yet at the same time keeping the paint brushes sorted out and in tip-top condition. This set is perfect for either professionals or hobbyists. They provide great convenience for home storage or travel.

  • Wide Application:

These paint brushes are reasonable for different sorts of paintings. They are fit for acrylics, watercolors, gouaches, and oil paintings. They are ideal for a wide range of detailing. These brushes work incredibly for painting miniatures, models, puppets, activity figures and doll houses.

This paint brush set is basic for nail art and face painting, and it’s incredible for coloring books as well. When one such set is available, try not to make a rash decision with one of those shady brush sets which lack in quality.

User Impression:

There isn’t much on the user impression with this set, because the users are very happy with our first two choices. But nonetheless, this set is one of the bests and if your heart is set on this one, then please don’t hesitate.


You would have probably figured out by now that we focus on quality a lot more than other attributes. That’s why there is no need to worry about the quality of these sets.

Some would say that a paint brush is the most important tool in your painting. We can’t argue with that as there are so many factors that make it unique and important. 

We should be wise in our choices and look for the best items available. That is precisely why this blog was created.

We hope that you’d find one of our suggestions as the perfect match for you.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think of the choices and the ones that you have yourself. Good luck on your purchase for the basic brushes for acrylic painting!

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