why art is important to society

10 Reasons Why Art Is Important To Society

Some people might think that art is not as important as other essential things like medicine, engineering, law, etc. which we know that people actually need. Well, this is not quite true. As we think that art may not be as essential as these things mentioned above, we try to figure out exactly why art is important to society by discussing some points in this article.

1. Art Is A Very Diverse Topic

People may think that art is only drawing, sketching, singing or so on which we can only do in our leisure time. Well, art is not only confined to this. Art is not supposed to be only in our hobbies. Art coincides in almost every aspect of our lives. For example; playing football is also an art, surgery is also an art, building large structures like buildings is also an art. So basically, art is very diverse and it would be underestimating the field of art if we say that art is just for the kids or leisure time. Basically, any skill can be considered as art.

2. Art Gives Opportunity To Know And Show Your Talent

Art is a great way to get to know what you are good at. For example, if you are good at drawing, then this means that you have a steady hand and you can be successful in the fields which generally require a person to have a steady hand. A very good example of this is that a lot of surgeons have good enough drawing. In surgery, as we all know that it is needed to be calm and concentrate. Every tiny cut is important and a person whose sketching is good can be better than a person whose drawing is not good enough.

Another example can be; if your child has great proportions and draws little things more accurately than others, then he can be something like an architecture or an engineer who need to work a lot on the proportions of little things. So, there are a lot of examples that we can know what our talent is and then we can figure out what is best for us and what kind of fields we should choose.

3. Art Provides Patience And Concentration

Art teaches you a lot of patience. If you know that a person is blunt or if your child doesn’t have a bit of patience, you can make him draw and then color small things. No art piece can be made without patience, so if you see a masterpiece or even someone who has good artwork, then you can say that the said person has good patience and concentration towards his work. It is a good way to practice and make a person more responsible and hardworking for his own good.

4. Art Gives Peace Of Mind

Your art is your personal property. Many people who are frustrated with their daily routines and even those who want to give up on their lives can be turned to a little bit of arts mixed with their routines. Even you can try for yourself by letting it all out through singing, drawing or any other way. Art is a great medium to let it all out of your system once you have had enough. It is a great way to relieve your mind of all the tensions you are receiving and have a peaceful sleep.

5. Art Makes Expression and Communication Easy

We all know many people in our lives who are introverts or simply shy don’t let their feelings out in front of others. It is very difficult for such people to let go of things because they are constantly holding it in. If they are into some kind of arts, then they may be better mentally than others who are not.


Another way to emphasize this is that if we see someone’s songs or drawings, we can picture the state of mind of that person. For example, a person draws a dark drawing with a few characters who don’t look so good mostly wants to tell the world how he is from the inside. On the other hand, if a person draws trees and a lot of colorful characters, then that means that the person is not feeling down and is happy. So, in this way, we can express ourselves in front of others and communicate with them.

6. Art Helps To See Things Closely

The main difference between an artist and a person who doesn’t consider himself/herself one is that an artist tends to look at different things differently and more closely than others. Artists tend to go into details of the scene or the situation they are in and in the end, they can come out with answers which are deeper and more accurate than others. So, in this way, art an be a lot helpful to the society than we think.

7. Art Enhances Creativity

Art lets people get creative. Once a person does some art which may be drawing, sewing, singing or whatever, he finds different angles of things which he couldn’t consider before. It is like an exposure of a person to things he never looked at before. So, art provides you a different dynamic to a lot of different situations which help you build up your personality.

8. Art Helps Academically

Art lets you get off the steam once in a while which can be great mentally. A student who only studies his books versus a student who studies at its time and gives time to himself would have a lot of difference in their mind process. The student who only studies books would have a very limited view of life meanwhile the other would have a vast view. In addition to this, the person who gives time to himself and does some art would have a lot less tendency to develop depression.


Other than these, art significantly increases the thought and learning process, creativity and versatility of a person which leads to a significantly better academic performance.

9. Art Gives Us Confidence

As we have discussed the points above, even a lonely person with arts can have a very good confidence level as compared to a person who is always beside his friends but still feels lonely. Expressing yourself can boost a lot of confidence and that’s what art does for you.

10. Art Gathers And Unites People

We know that art has been used to gather and unite people in the past. Anthems and songs are regularly sung in sports to give the supporters and the players a boost. It also gets the moral of the opponents down.

In the past, songs and anthems are regularly used to unite people in the times of war, oppression and more. So, we can see why art is important to society in these ways as well.

Final Verdict

As all of the above discussion shows us, art has a special place in different aspects of our lives and we can’t go and live without art. All of this expresses very well why art is important for society and why we should give it its justified place in our hearts.


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